Rainbow Bridge Workshops in Dublin and Cork

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Below and attached are details of our next Rainbow Bridge Workshops in September.

Day 1 – Rainbow Bridge Workshop - Cork 
Rainbow Bridge Techniques are offered to aid the student in building a bridge of consciousness
to the source of wisdom within - the soul, and in purifying the personality vehicles (the etheric
body, the emotional and the mental energy fields). The Rainbow Bridge Techniques were developed by Josephine and Norman Stevens and are divided into two phases:
 Phase One:- Preliminary – building the Central Channel.        (Day 1 Workshop)
 Phase Two:- Clearing Work.                                                 (Day 2 Workshop)

Day 1 Workshop attendees will learn and practice:

How to invoke the cooperation of the Soul
How to activate the Soul Star and use it for inner healing
How to build the Central Channel
How to invoke various protective energies from the Soul
How to invoke the Spiritual Vortex
How to awaken the intuition
How to burn karma and remove emotional and mental blockages from your aura & body
How to enhance your health by using the Rainbow Bridge practices
How to accelerate Soul Integration
What the light body is and how it is built
A daily centering and alignment exercise.

For more information, visit our events page www.globalgoodwill.org/events
to download the free booklet on the Rainbow Bridge Techniques.

Note:  If you are interested in attending simply reply to this email or contact the organiser listed in the attached folder

Please help us to promote this event. Feel free to forward this email. If you have friends who may be interested in attending the workshop we will gladly send them a copy of the booklet with details of the workshop.

If you work in a Health Clinic or know of a Health Food Shop who would be willing to display a poster, we would kindly ask you to print out the attached poster to help us to share the benefits of these techniques to a wider audience.


We hope you find the above of interest and of help and we hope to see you soon.

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