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Personal Growth, Mystic Therapy and Meditation Retreat

1st-7th October 2016
Canary Islands.
Facilitated by Javier de Salas - Instrument and disciple of Master José
This retreat aims to combine spiritual practices in the Light of Divine Grace with holiday time in the magical island of Lanzarote. There will also be plenty of free time for participants to be able to fall into a very relaxed rhythm and come out of the time pressure exerted by strict schedules. 

Early October has been the chosen date so as to assure that sea temperature is pleasant for bathing as well as the outdoor climate being ideal for trekking up and down volcanoes or along the cliffs. Another advantage of  this time of year is that the island is quieter after the summer months and there is less tourism moving around. 
The name, location and web page of the venue is: Villa Amatista. La Geria Natural Park. It is located in the central part of the island, close to vine yards and away from the noisier costal areas.

The retreat will be directed in English as long as there is a minimum number of eight English speakers  from outside Spain. If this minimum number of eight people wasn’t reached but there were a few English speakers  translations  from Spanish into English would be arranged. 

The main point of all  retreats directed by Javier de Salas is the presence of a strong Spiritual Energy which stills the mind and allows the heart to expand. Javier is an instrument of Master José and has been facilitating hundreds of retreats during the last  20 years. José is a self-realized Spanish Master who transmits the Knowledge through the Silence of Meditation and the irradiation of a beautiful Spiritual Light. Also known as Father of Love and Compassion, Master José created a Self Realization School in the early 90's in order to help seekers of the Truth find the way Home. 

Close contact with nature will also have an important role in this retreat which pretends to give participants not only a spiritual experience but also a health boost through living in harmony with natural laws.

For enquiries and any further information please contact Paloma Dorado (the retreat coordinator) on