NFSH The Healing Trust Trainings in Ireland​​​NFSH The Healing Trust Trainings in Dublin, Ireland

This Training enables the student to explore and understand the principles and practice of healing. 

It also serves to support the personal spiritual growth of the individual, who is developing as a channel for Healing energies.

The course provides ample opportunity to ask questions and for practical healing experience under the guidance of our well established and licensed healer tutors.

It is suitable for adults over the age of 18yrs of age.

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One Day Introductory Workshops - " The Foundations "

angelSeptember 16th or November 18th or January 20th 2019

  • Learn to ground, protect and sense your own energy body. Learn to sense others energy with their permission.
  • Give and receive a mini healing session. Learn about the importance of The Breath & Relaxation.
  • These are stand alone workshops and are a good introduction to the THT Training.
  • Overview of the 4 Part Training is included for those interested (during the lunch hour).
  • Certificate of Attendance awarded which will go towards CPD Points.

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NFSH The Healing Trust 4 Part Training -



Certificates of Attendance awarded for each Part completed which will go towards CPD Points.

angelModule 1 x 2 days (Dates to be confirmed for February or March)

 One may be taken as a stand-alone course for those wishing to know more about Healing and the Healer’s role.

It is also relevant for other healthcare professionals wishing to refer to, or work in partnership with Healers. 

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angelangelModule 2 x 2 days (Dates to be confirmed for April or May )

Developing aspects of Part One, and introducing new subjects.

This Part is for students who have completed Part One.

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angelangelangelModule 3 x 4 days  (Dates to be confirmed for September and November )

Designed for students who have completed Parts One and Two. 

This course deepens Healing and energy awareness together with practical applications.

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angelangelangelangelModule 4 x 4 days  (Dates to be confirmed for March and May )

For students who have completed Part Three.

This course covers both practical subjects and esoteric aspects relevant to energy work and Healing.

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Venue : Woodford, Booterstown, Co. Dublin



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