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Transform your life with Mas Sajady

The majority of us have a gift or ability, whether a natural talent or a honed skill, but Mas Sajady has a truly exceptional gift. For want of a better word, and one which he prefers not to use, Mas is a healer. Unlike most, Mas developed his extremely unique gifts following two Near-Death Experiences. A 'regular' guy, he ran a successful, well-established business until a drowning accident on a family holiday in 2006.

Held underwater for almost 10 minutes, he miraculously survived and developed amazing intuitive and healing abilities. By 2009, Mas was using these abilities professionally on clients and within a year, had worked on over one thousand individuals. To date, his abilities are highly sought after by thousands around the world, who turn to him for in-person and remote sessions, and come to his talks and events.

Referring to himself as a "transformational agent", Mas is able to act as a conduit for 'pure energy'. This energy then works on the spiritual level, healing the physical body and creating abundance in all areas of our life, including our finances, relationships, health, spirituality, business, intuition and success.

In Mas’ words: "Although I'm not a doctor I have helped thousands free themselves of a variety of ailments including life-threatening ones.  The effects are usually felt immediately or soon after.  The reason for the fast and effective transformations in any area of your life is because this process deletes core level issues controlling your life that conventional methods fail to reach, thus awakening the individual and helping them to heal themselves."

One such individual whose life was completely transformed is Ginny Evans, who was not expected to walk again following a childhood accident. Surprisingly to everyone, she did, even becoming a competing athlete. During a walking holiday, however, her entire body fell out of alignment, leaving her unable to work, sit or lift a teapot! Ginny found Mas through a friend's referral and watched as her life transformed.  She now works fulltime, travels internationally and even walks 3-4 miles daily!

Ginny is just one of many people Mas has helped and his reputation continues to grow worldwide, including in the UK. Well received at the London 2015 Mind Body Spirit Festival, Mas returns this year, offering a Workshop, and sessions at his stand.  There will also be opportunities to see him at his London talks and on his regional tour, which includes a visit to both Belfast (on 7th May) and Dublin (on 8th May).

For more information on the tour, including Mas’ visit to Ireland, please visit or email