Transform your life with Mas Sajady

Transform your life with Mas Sajady

The majority of us have a gift or ability, whether a natural talent or a honed skill, but Mas Sajady has a truly exceptional gift. For want of a better word, and one which he prefers not to use, Mas is a healer. Unlike most, Mas developed his extremely unique gifts following two Near-Death Experiences. A 'regular' guy, he ran a successful, well-established business until a drowning accident on a family holiday in 2006.

A Miraculous Journey

Mairead Conlon
Spiritual Businesswoman

I was always interested in spiritual books and events, even from a young age. I just knew there was something special for me to do in life, so it came as no surprise that I opened The Angel Shop in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. To have a store full of inspirational books and angel gifts that I could share with others was even more than my dream come true – it was a miracle. 

Are You in Need of an Energetic Reset?

Are You in Need of an Energetic Reset? by Erica Mc Kinney

The human body is made of and is surrounded by an energy field.  This field is often referred to as the Aura.  Within every persons energy field there are 7 distinct vibrational levels of energy and 7 major energy centres (Chakras).  Each vibrational level relates to and represents a different aspect of our physical, psychological or spiritual functioning and also relates to a corresponding energy centre.


NFSH The Healing Trust Trainings in Ireland


The Healing Trust Training enables the student to explore and understand the principles and practice of healing. It also serves to support the personal spiritual growth of the individual, who is developing as a channel for healing energies. The course provides ample opportunity to ask questions and for practical healing experience under the guidance of our well established and licensed healer tutors.




The True Role of a Spiritual Medium

Isn’t it strange to think, that in a world of advanced technology such as radio, television, smart phones, internet etc. there still remains a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding the whole area of ‘intuitive’ and ‘sensitive’ people such as mediums and psychics?It seems that the terms, clairvoyant, medium, psychic and fortune teller have all somehow been crammed under the umbrella of ‘entertainment’. Advertisements for ‘psychic hot lines’ can been seen during TV ads, on social media sites, or anytime the word ‘psychic’ is keyed into a search engines.

BEAMS Holistic Therapy College

BEAMS Holistic Therapy College was Founded in 1988 for the promotion of, and education in, the art of Natural Therapies  & Healing. B.E.A.M.S. (Body, Earth, Mind & Soul)  is dedicated to the education of people so that they may qualify as professional holistic therapists who acknowledge that people exist on a variety, of levels, body, mind, and soul.